Should standardized tests be used as exit and/or entrance exams?

Standardized testing should be monitored for consistency in Education, Help's parents monitor their kid academics, and last Standardized testing can serve as motivation for students. Standardized Testing helps the teacher curriculum as well boost the student's confidence in their own abilities.
Standardized tests are essential for education to determine each district and state chooses how to characterize instructive capability, and tests utilize at least three scores: Below Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. Standardized tests help principals and other school leaders figure out which groups of students are struggling and gives them the evidence they need to push for changes. Whether they need extra schooling on a subject, this is what's overall begin watched before their tested on standardized testing. Helping the kids are the overall goal in standardized testing and must be taken seriously to help every child reach their potential.
Standardized testing helps pinpoint areas for improvement such as reading, writing or math where kids can focus on those specific areas. Standardized tests can help identify problem areas in individual students, as well as schools and curriculums. This is what helps teachers in classroom to help students excel. Improvements such as reading, writing, science and math are begin scored and pass along to other schools in the world to make sure academically we're not behind. This make students feel capable of their own abilities, to learn, think, and be their own individual. The beginning of educational testing in the United States can be traced back to the year 1838 when American educator first began to articulate ideas that would soon be translated in assessments. This made students begin to realize that they could not simply sit and listen in class anymore but would actually be tested on the things that they learn. Formal writing tests and oral exams began to be put into use during the year 1840.
Standardized Testing helps the student academically. In others opinions, that feel the scores bases to much information, pertaining to the grade, where the information doesn't reflect the student. Where I argue that standardized testing not only reflect the student, it helps all students and school. Most parents, for example, would like to know whether their child is meeting state benchmarks, or how she compares to statewide peers. It encourages parents to build a relationship with the teacher and student. It helps students make choices upon their education needs. The benefits from standardized testing is it helps kids further their education, learn responsibility, and gain discipline. This can be a confidence builder as well. By parents and teachers helping only makes the kid better for the exam. This help academically with the teacher and student the next day. By parents monitoring and reintroducing the lesson most kids, scores improve, the parent knows the curriculum and the kid builds knowledge upon the lesson.
Last this is to help motivate students, monitor academics, rank district scoring and state scoring. All this helps the students and teachers nationally to reach one goal, which is helping the student excel and reach their, full potential. This helps the students prepare for their exam with their parents and teachers. By building their confidence helps remove pressure, stress, and butterflies of the exam. Overall, in any system when a student is willing diligent to learn, it will show when it's time to take, their test. Whether Below Basic, Proficient or Advanced the student can always excel and better their score. This just help government and states help nationally to assist with aids and programs to assist children K-12 are on the same pace academically. Helping the kids are the overall goal in standardized testing, also to provide aid to State and Public schooling. Need an essay sample? I recommend you going to Everyone can find a lot of sociology research paper topics there. They are free to use.